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Last Update May 2011
Dr. Harmon E. Stockdale, Sr. Rochester, NY Emmanuel Stockdale Washington, DC
Deborah Heard Washington, DC Karen Perrin Washington DC
Arthier & Henry Williams Virginia Beach, Va Rev. B.G. Springer  
Doris Artis Norfolk, Va B.Gibbs-Stockdale  
Stephanie Stockdale Norfolk, Va    
Sidney Stockdale Norfolk, Va    
Ebony Stockdale Norfolk, Va    


Where We've Been

Since its inception the Stockdale Family Reunion has met in the following places:

1979    Kansas City, Mo.      Cecil Stockdale and Family

1980   Hamilton, Ohio            Ruth Prather and Family
1981   Chicago, Ill.                 Louise Wilson and Family
1982   Louisville, Ky.             Harmon Stockdale and Family
1983  Miami Beach, Fla.       Joyce Stockdale
1984  No Reunion
1985  Bakersfield, Cal.          Margie Ferrell
1986  Milwaukee, Wis.          James Burroughs and Family
1987  Chicago, Ill.                  Louise Wilson and Family
1988  No Reunion
1989  Kansas City, Mo.        Cecil Stockdale and Family

1990 Birmingham, Ala.          Harmon Stockdale
1991 Orlando, Fla.                 Joyce Stockdale
1992 Cleveland, Ohio            Mary O’Neal and Barbara Gabriel
1993 Detroit, Mich.               Beatrice and Julius Kirby
1994 Birmingham, Ala.          Harmon Stockdale
1995 Cincinnati, Ohio            James Stockdale and Family
1996 Montgomery, Ala.        Cathy Hendricks and Family
1997 Washington, DC           Karen Perrin and Family
1998 Norfolk, Va.                  Arthier Williams, Doris Artis and Families
1999 Orlando, Fla.                 Joyce Stockdale

2000 Kansas City, Mo.          Rosie Nevins and Stockdale Family members in Honor of Cecil Stockdale
2001 San Diego,                     Cal. Karyes and Carroll Stockdale
2002 Rochester, NY.              Harmon Stockdale and Family
2003 Cleveland, Ohio            Mary O’Neal, Barbara Gabriel, Mack Stockdale Louise Bullock and Family
2004 Birmingham, Ala.          Harmon Stockdale
2005 Detroit, Mich.               Beatrice Kirby and Family
2006 Las Vegas, NV.             Karyes Stockdale and Family
2007 Atlanta, Ga.                   Harmon Stockdale
2007 Paris, France                 Priclla Lalisse
2008 Chicago, Ill.                   Louise Wilson and Family
2009 Orlando, Fla.                 Joyce Stockdale

2010 Birmingham, Ala. Harmon E. Stockdale, Rev. Billy Springer, Hazel Cunningham, Anthony Jones and Warren and Johnny Heard



Have you Seen or Know Where We Are ?

We are looking for the below family members. If you know of their whereabouts please let the host know so the reunion information can be passed on to them.


Last Known Address
Selma Anderson

518 Vassar Ct. #1643, Cincinnati, Oh. 45232

Kim Bethune 404 Edgecrest Dr. #5, Birmingham, Al. 35219  
Wanda Brooks 726 Northland Rd. #F, Cincinnati, Oh. 45240  
Linda Chubb, 1226 Danielle Dr., Frederick, Md. 21702  
Sherry Lynn & Jerome Chatman 1718 Russet Crest Circle, Hoover, AL 35244 . C
Patricia &Calvin Clark 1216 Pine Tree Dr , Birmingham Al. 35206 C
Deirdre Dressie 407 Iona Abbey Ct. Smyrna, Ga. 30082  
Tiffany George 5861 Winneste #12, Cincinnati, Oh. 45232  
Warren Hill, 9666 Royal Palm Blvd, Coral Springs, Fl. 33065  
Vernette Holmes 123 W. 118 Place, Los Angeles, Ca. 9006  
Barbara Howard 5301 Oak Leaf Dr., Apt.8, Kansas City, Mo. 64129  
Dorothy & Forrest Johnson 174 Martin Luther King. Jr. Drive, Heflin, AL, 36264 C
Pamela Johnson 3216 Hackberry, Cincinnati, Oh. 45207  
Sarah Johnson Rte 3 Box 248, Heflin, Al. 36264  
Byrdell Love, Jr. 1362 Kesta Pl., Cincinnati, Oh. 45240  
Vyrdell Love 2038 Eleanor Pl. #2, Cincinnati, Oh. 45219  
Monte Marks 1556 Jefferson Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 14208  
Ava McCray Moore 11806 Buffalo St. #322, Detroit, Mi., 49212  
Dourthular Owens 9051 Delmar, Detroit, Michigan, 48211  
Damon Paul 2710 Tracy #A, Kansas City, Mo. 64109  
Delton Pitts 3911 Charlotte, Kansas City, Mo. 64110  
Larry Pound 59 E. Tellomadge #10, Akron, Oh. 44310  
Selma A. Smith 7041 Glen Meadow Ln., Cincinnati, Oh. 45237  
Jessi Stevens P.O.Box 1282, Riverdale, Ga. 70274  
Barbara Stockdale 4233 43rd Ave., North Birmingham, Al. 35217  
Emmanuel Stockdale Tech Sgt. 4104 Bullard Ave. Unit H. Elmendorf AFB, Alaska,99506  
Larry Stockdale, II. 5727 Pearton, Cincinnati, Oh. 45224  
Richard Stockdale, Jr. 116 Washington St., Brighton, Ma.  



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